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Laptop Charging Not 100%


New Laptop Battery Calibration. If your new battery charges but does not charge to 100% or stops charging each time your charge indicator reaches 85-99%, you may need to recalibrate your laptop for the new battery. This occurs often when replacing an old battery with a new battery. The laptop has to adjust itself to get used to the new battery. In order to recalibrate properly, you will need to set the Windows power management so the laptop does not go into standby or hibernation when the battery gets low. Instructions: With Windows XP, navigate to Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options. Set "Power Schemes" to "Always On". Under "Alarms", uncheck "Low battery alarm" and "Critical battery alarm". Under "Hibernate", uncheck "Enable hibernation", then click on Apply. With Windows Vista, navigate to Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options Click "Change Plan Settings". Set all tabs to "Never" underneath "On Battery" column. Click "Change advanced power settings". Set Sleep > Hibernate after to 0 or Never. Set Battery > Critical Battery Level to 0. Click on "OK", then "Save Changes". This is the only time that we recommend taking the battery all the way down to zero percent. Unplug the ac adapter, and let the battery drain all the way down until the laptop shuts off. Then plug the AC adapter back in, and let it recharge to 100%. You may need to repeat the cycle 2-3 times before it actually reaches 100%.