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Question: How to Troubleshoot a Symbol Barcode Scanner?


  • Remove the installed fonts from the Symbol bar code scanner. The sample fonts disrupt the functioning ability of your barcode scanner.
  • Push the "Menu" button on the surface of the scanner, and then the "Select" button when the font option is highlighted.
  • After the font option is highlighted then push the "Remove" button to delete the sample fonts.
  • Connect the Symbol barcode scanner to a power source. The scanner will have a power cord you can connect to an electrical outlet. If the scanner is battery operated, be sure the battery is charged fully before using the scanner.
  • Move the scanner closer to the bar code. The Symbol bar code scanner can not calibrate the barcode if you position it improperly. Place the scanner directly above the barcode and wait for the scanner to read and transmit the code.
  • Wait for the scanner to complete initialization. The scanner is initialized when its included USB cord is plugged into the computer. Initialization requires a short time to complete. Allow your scanner to be inactive for four to five seconds before you first scan an object.