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Question: How to change an Alarm System Battery?


  • Turn off your alarm system by entering the deactivation code into your control panel. Do not change the battery when the alarm is active.
  • Contact your alarm company to notify them that you plan to test your alarm system.
  • Enter the any codes to completely disable the system temporarily. This is different from the original alarm code and should have been provided to you when the system was first installed. You may not need one if the alarm company has your system on test mode. If you don't know the this code, contact your alarm company to see if you need it. Otherwise, your alarm could activate when you disconnect the old battery, even with the system turned off.
  • Turn off the power to the main unit by either turning off the breaker or unplugging it to help prevent injury from electrical discharge.
  • Disconnect the battery and plug the new battery into the wire harness and close the panel and screw the cover back on. Restore power to the unit.
  • Enter the alarm deactivation code into the control panel if the alarm activates. Contact your alarm company immediately if the alarm goes off or does anything unusual. They'll take the system off test mode at a prearranged time or call the alarm system company once you're done to get the system restored sooner.