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Question: How to check an Alarm System Batteries?


  • Read the alarm system's owner's manual to identify your battery type and how and when the main battery should be replaced.
  • Look at the front panel of your alarm system. Many alarm systems have a "low battery" indicator light on the front panel, indicating when your battery is low. In some alarm systems, the "low battery" light will be on for several weeks before the battery completely dies. If the light shows "low battery," it is time to replace it.
  • Notify your alarm system company when you plan to test the battery before you replace it. Inform the company that you are going to disarm the system so you can safely test the battery.
  • Remove the battery in per the owner's manual instructions for disabling the power supply. If you are not confident you can do this, ask the alarm company to send a technician. The alarm service company may be able to test the battery life for you.
  • Take the battery to an repair shop that has a battery tester if your alarm company can't or won't test the battery for you. Have the repair shop test to determine the life left in your battery. Replace the battery as necessary.