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Toshiba Toshiba Satellite A100 Satellite FA100-151 Satellite A Charger
Toshiba Toshiba Satellite A100 Satellite FA100-151 Satellite A Charger
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Toshiba Toshiba Satellite A100 Satellite FA100-151 Satellite A Charger

Part Number DF-AC220MT.e
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  • This is a replacement compatible with a Toshiba Laptop Battery Charger
  • Toshiba Satellite A100 Satellite FA100-151 Satellite A100-163 Satellite A100-188 Satellite A100-209 Satellite A100-259 Satellite A100-295 Satellite A100-500 Satellite A100-507 Satellite A100-508 Satellite A100-521 Satellite A100-522 Satellite A100-523 Satellite A100-525 Satellite A100-533 Satellite A100-570 Satellite A100-649 Satellite A100-S2211 Satellite A100-S2211TD Satellite A100-S3211TD Satellite A100-S8111 Satellite A100-S8111TD Satellite A100-SP2022 Satellite A100-SP621 Satellite A100-ST2311 Satellite A100-ST3211 Satellite A105 Satellite FA105 Satellite A105-S101 Satellite A105-S1012 Satellite A105-S1013 Satellite A105-S1014 Satellite A105-S101X Satellite A105-S171 Satellite A105-S1712 Satellite A105-S171x Satellite A105-S2001 Satellite A105-S2011 Satellite A105-S2021 Satellite A105-S2031 Satellite A105-S2051 Satellite A105-S2061 Satellite A105-S2071 Satellite A105-S2081 Satellite A105-S2091 Satellite A105-S2101 Satellite A105-S2111 Satellite A105-S2121 Satellite A105-S2131 Satellite A105-S2141 Satellite A105-S2194 Satellite A105-S2201 Satellite A105-S2204 Satellite A105-S2231 Satellite A105-S2236 Satellite A105-S271 Satellite A105-S2712 Satellite A105-S2713 Satellite A105-S2716 Satellite A105-S2717 Satellite A105-S2719 Satellite A105-S271X Satellite A105-S361 Satellite A105-S3611 Satellite A105-S361X Satellite A105-SP2012 Satellite A105-SP461 Satellite A110 Satellite FA110-101 Satellite A110-177 Satellite A110-178 Satellite A110-203 Satellite A110-260 Satellite A110-289 Satellite A110-339 Satellite A110-370 Satellite A130 Satellite FA130 Satellite A130-ST1311 Satellite A130-ST1313 Satellite A135 Satellite FA135 Satellite A135-S2246 Satellite A135-S2256 Satellite A135-S2266 Satellite A135-S2276 Satellite A135-S2286 Satellite A135-S2296 Satellite A135-S2306 Satellite A135-S2326 Satellite A135-S2346 Satellite A135-S2356 Satellite A135-S2376 Satellite A135-S2386 Satellite A135-S2396 Satellite A135-S4407 Satellite A135-S4417 Satellite A135-S4427 Satellite A135-S4437 Satellite A135-S4447 Satellite A135-S4457 Satellite A135-S4467 Satellite A135-S4477 Satellite A135-S4478 Satellite A135-S4487 Satellite A135-S4488 Satellite A135-S4499 Satellite A135-S4517 Satellite A135-S4527 Satellite A135-S4656 Satellite A135-S4677 Satellite A135-S4827 Satellite A135-SP4016 Satellite A135-SP4036 Satellite A135-SP4048 Satellite A135-SP4058 Satellite A135-SP4088 Satellite A135-SP4108 Satellite A135-SP4156 Satellite A200 Satellite FA200-10W Satellite A200-10X Satellite A200-10Z Satellite A200-11C Satellite A200-12F Satellite A200-13L Satellite A200-13O Satellite A200-13R Satellite A200-13T Satellite A200-13U Satellite A200-14D Satellite A200-14E Satellite A200-180 Satellite A200-18T Satellite A200-19I Satellite A200-19K Satellite A200-19M Satellite A200-1A9 Satellite A200-1AA Satellite A200-1AB Satellite A200-1AE Satellite A200-1Ai Satellite A200-1BP Satellite A200-1BW Satellite A200-1CC Satellite A200-1CR Satellite A200-1DA Satellite A200-1DN Satellite A200-1DQ Satellite A200-1FJ Satellite A200-1G6 Satellite A200-1GD Satellite A200-1HU Satellite A200-1M7 Satellite A200-ST2041 Satellite A200-ST2043 Satellite A205 Satellite FA205 Satellite A205-S4537 Satellite A205-S4557 Satellite A205-S4567 Satellite A205-S4577 Satellite A205-S4578 Satellite A205-S4587 Satellite A205-S4597 Satellite A205-S4607 Satellite A205-S4617 Satellite A205-S4618 Satellite A205-S4629 Satellite A205-S4638 Satellite A205-S4639 Satellite A205-S4647 Satellite A205-S4707 Satellite A205-S4777 Satellite A205-S4797 Satellite A205-S7456 Satellite A205-SP4038 Satellite A205-SP4068 Satellite A215 Satellite FA215-S4697 Satellite A215-S4717 Satellite A215-S4737 Satellite A215-S4747 Satellite A215-S4757 Satellite A215-S4767 Satellite A215-S4807 Satellite A215-S4817 Satellite A215-S48171 Satellite A215-S7407 Satellite A215-S7408 Satellite A215-S7414 Satellite A215-S7418 Satellite A215-S7421 Satellite A215-S7422 Satellite A215-S7427 Satellite A215-S7433 Satellite A215-S7437 Satellite A215-S7444 Satellite A215-S7447 Satellite A215-S7462 Satellite A215-SP401 Satellite A85 Satellite FA80-S178 Satellite A85-S107 Satellite A85-S1071 Satellite A85-S1072 Satellite A85-SP107 Satellite A85-SP1072 Satellite L10 Satellite FL10-100 Satellite L10-101 Satellite L10-104 Satellite L10-105 Satellite L10-130 Satellite L10-154 Satellite L10-190 Satellite L10-194 Satellite L10-226 Satellite L10-272 Satellite L10-SP104 Satellite L15 Satellite FL15 Satellite L15-S104 Satellite L15-S1041 Satellite L15-SP104 Satellite L15-SP1041 Satellite L20 Satellite FL20-101 Satellite L20-112 Satellite L20-118 Satellite L20-120 Satellite L20-121 Satellite L20-135 Satellite L20-155 Satellite L20-157 Satellite L20-159 Satellite L20-173 Satellite L20-188 Satellite L20-205 Satellite L20-256 Satellite L20-S310 Satellite L20-S310TD Satellite L20-SP119 Satellite L20-SP131 Satellite L20-SP131 Satellite L20-SP231 Satellite P205-S6237 Satellite L25 Satellite FL25 Satellite L25-S119 Satellite L25-S1192 Satellite L25-S1193 Satellite L25-S1194 Satellite L25-S1195 Satellite L25-S1196 Satellite L25-S121 Satellite L25-S1212 Satellite L25-S1213 Satellite L25-S1215 Satellite L25-S1216 Satellite L25-S1217 Satellite L25-SP121 Satellite L25-SP129 Satellite L25-SP139 Satellite L25-SP141 Satellite L25-SP151 Satellite L30 Satellite FL30 Satellite L30-10P Satellite L30-114 Satellite L30-115 Satellite L30-11E Satellite L30-11H Satellite L30-134 Satellite L30-140 Satellite L30-142 Satellite L35 Satellite FL35 Satellite L35-S1054 Satellite L35-S2151 Satellite L35-S2161 Satellite L35-S2171 Satellite L35-S2174 Satellite L35-S2194 Satellite L35-S2316 Satellite L35-S2366 Satellite L35-SP1011 Satellite L35-SP2011 Satellite L35-SP2031 Satellite L35-SP2041 Satellite L35-SP2051 Satellite L35-SP2071 Satellite L35-SP4016 Satellite L35-SP4068 Satellite L35-SP4086 Satellite L35-SP4096 Satellite L35-SP4116 Satellite L45 Satellite FL45-S2416 Satellite L45-S4687 Satellite L45-S7409 Satellite L45-S7419 Satellite L45-S7423 Satellite L45-S7424 Satellite L45-SP2036 Satellite L45-SP2046 Satellite L45-SP2056 Satellite L45-SP2066 Satellite L45-SP4016 Satellite M105 Satellite M115 Satellite FM105-S1011 Satellite M105-S1021 Satellite M105-S1031 Satellite M105-S1041 Satellite M105-S10xx Satellite M105-SP1011 Satellite M105-SP1021 Satellite M105-SP1031 Satellite M105-SP1041 Satellite M115-S1061 Satellite M115-S1064 Satellite M115-S1071 Satellite M115-S1074 Satellite M200 Satellite M205 Satellite FM200-ST2002 Satellite M205-S3207 Satellite M205-S3217 Satellite M205-S7452 Satellite M205-S7453 Satellite M30X Satellite FM30X Satellite M30X-1593 Satellite M30X-214 Satellite M30X-40 Satellite M30X-60 Satellite M30X-80 Satellite M30X-S114 Satellite M30X-S1592 Satellite M30X-S1593 Satellite M30X-S171 Satellite M30X-S181 Satellite M30X-S191 Satellite M30X-S214 Satellite M30X-S221 Satellite M30X-s234 Satellite M30X-SP111 Satellite M30X-SP114 Satellite Satellite M35X Satellite FM35X Satellite M35X-114 Satellite M35X-149 Satellite M35X-S109 Satellite M35X-S111 Satellite M35X-S114 Satellite M35X-S1141 Satellite M35X-S1142 Satellite M35X-S1143 Satellite M35X-S149 Satellite M35X-S1491 Satellite M35X-S1492 Satellite M35X-S161 Satellite M35X-S1611 Satellite M35X-S163 Satellite M35X-S1631 Satellite M35X-S309 Satellite M35X-S3091 Satellite M35X-S311 Satellite M35X-S3111 Satellite M35X-S3112 Satellite M35X-S329 Satellite M35X-S3291 Satellite M35X-S349 Satellite M35X-S3491 Satellite M35X-SP111 Satellite M35X-SP114 Satellite M35X-SP161 Satellite M35X-SP171 Satellite M35X-SP181 Satellite M35X-SP311 Satellite M35X-SP349 Satellite M40 Satellite M45 Satellite FM40-S312TD Satellite M45-S165 Satellite M45-S1651 Satellite M45-S165X Satellite M45-S169 Satellite M45-S1691 Satellite M55 Satellite FM55-S1001 Satellite M55-S139 Satellite M55-S1391 Satellite M55-S139X Satellite M55-S141 Satellite M60 Satellite M65 Satellite FM60-S811 Satellite M60-S8112 Satellite M60-S9093 Satellite M65-S809 Satellite M65-S8091 Satellite M65-S8092 Satellite M65-S821 Satellite M65-S8211 Satellite M65-S9062 Satellite M65-S9063 Satellite M65-S9064 Satellite M65-S9065 Satellite M65-S909 Satellite M65-S9091 Satellite M65-S9092 Satellite M65-SP811 Satellite M65-SP959 Satellite P205 Satellite FP205D-S7429 Satellite P205D-S7438 Satellite P205D-S7439 Satellite P205D-S7454 Satellite P205-S6237 Satellite P205-S6247 Satellite P205-S6257 Satellite P205-S6267 Satellite P205-S6287 Satellite P205-S6297 Satellite P205-S6298 Satellite P205-S6307 Satellite P205-S6337 Satellite P205-S6347 Satellite P205-S6348 Satellite P205-S7469 Satellite P205-S7476 Satellite U305 Satellite FU305 Satellite U305-S5077 Satellite U305-S5087 Satellite U305-S5097 Satellite U305-S5107 Satellite U305-S5117 Satellite U305-S5127 Satellite U305-S7432 Satellite U305-S7446 Satellite U305-S7448 Satellite U305-S7467 Satellite U305-S7477 Satellite U305-SP5017 Satellite U305-SP5028 Satellite U305-SP5037 Tecra L2 Tecra FL2-S011 Tecra L2-S022 Satellite 1000 Satellite 1100 Satellite 1130 Satellite 1200 Satellite F1000-S157 Satellite 1000-S158 Satellite 1005-S157 Satellite 1005-S158 Satellite 1100-S101 Satellite 1110-S153 Satellite 1110-SP153 Satellite 1115-S103 Satellite 1115-S107 Satellite 1115-S123 Satellite 1115-SP153 Satellite 1130-S155 Satellite 1130-S156 Satellite 1135-S125 Satellite 1135-S155 Satellite 1135-S1551 Satellite 1135-S1552 Satellite 1135-S1553 Satellite 1135-S1554 Satellite 1135-S156 Satellite 1200-S121 Satellite 1200-S122 Satellite 1600 Satellite 1700 Satellite F1605CDS Satellite 1625CDT Satellite 1675CDS Satellite 1695CDT Satellite 1715XCDS Satellite 1730-S101 Satellite 1735-S101 Satellite 1750-S202 Satellite 1755-S202 Satellite 3000 Satellite F3000-S304 Satellite 3000-S307 Satellite 3000-S353 Satellite 3005-S303 Satellite 3005-S304 Satellite 3005-S307 Satellite 3005-S308 Satellite 3005-S403 replacement chargers.
  • Pin: 5.50 x 2.50, Input: AC100 - 240V, Output: 19V-3.42A
  • Frequency: 50 - 60Hz, Power: 65W
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 1lbs
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