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Cell Phone and PDA Batteries

It may seem like your cell phone and PDA battery is losing its charge because you seem to be getting less and less time before the battery needs to be charged. This is why many people purchase backup batteries. Even though this can be very beneficial, there are a few ways you should know about to boost your battery length.

Control Your Display

Keeping your display on full brightness may be good for seeing your screen when you are outside, but it isn’t doing your battery any favors. While there are times like this when you may want your display brightness on max, it should not be all the time.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi

These are both very draining on your cell phone and PDA battery, which is why if you are not using them, turn them off. It is so easy to do and it can make a huge difference. If you are not using your GPS for anything significant you should consider turning this off as well.

Managing Apps

This is something many people forget to do. While some apps will run in the background and use minimal power, many consume a great deal of your battery. It only takes a couple extra seconds to stop the app when you are done using it, which can help to increase your battery life.

Having apps and widgets running on your phone can help to meet your comprehensive needs for the phone. However, make sure you are turning off non essential functions to save the battery so you are not glued to a charger throughout the day.