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GPS Batteries

GPS can be very helpful when you are hiking or traveling somewhere you are not familiar with. Many people opt to have a GPS device in addition to their smart phone as a way to preserve the battery life on both. If you are in need of a GPS battery here are a few things to keep in mind.

Finding the Right Battery for Your Needs

The first thing you will need to do is find the right battery for your unit. Each GPS manufacturer utilizes a little different technology for their units so be sure you are getting the right one. Also, if you can afford it you may want to purchase an additional GPS battery. This is a great idea for people who plan on going on a weekend trip or longer to hike or camp.

Reducing Battery Consumption

Another good thing to know with this is how to reduce the amount of battery you use on your GPS. One of the best ways to reduce excessive battery usage is to put your GPS in offline mode. This will disable the wifi. Even if you have a GPS that gives you weather updates, if you have a smart phone with you it is easy (and less taxing on the battery) to get your weather updates on the phone. Also, unless you absolutely need it, take the compass band widget off your GPS as this is very draining. Also, basic aspects such as lowering the brightness on the unit can help as well.
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