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Laptop and Notebook Batteries

Laptops are a great way to access your computer while on the go. However, the batteries have only a certain lifespan. In general they should last about 1,000 cycles which should last about 2 to 4 years. There are a number of contributing factors to keep in mind. Here are some ways that you can help prolong the life of your laptop and notebook battery.

The first charge is the most important to preserving the life of the battery. You should always charge it for a full 24 hours. On top of this, you should also let the laptop and notebook battery fully discharge and then fully recharge after this 24 hour period to help preserve the life of the battery.

If you will not be using the battery for a long period of time then you should take the battery out. Many people do not realize that even if you will be using the laptop but keeping it plugged in full time, you can still take out the battery. If you will not be using the laptop at all for more than a couple weeks, take out the battery. Also, you should remember to clean the battery connections every few months.

Having an additional battery to switch out can be helpful. While this will not increase the lifespan of your battery in terms of cycles, it will help to reduce the number of times you need to charge it.

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