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Server Batteries

Servers are essential in today’s technological age for storing information. Even though your server may be connected to a power source, there is still a server battery. There are some interesting things to keep in mind about this.

The Importance of the Battery on Servers

There is no way to guarantee that the power will always be on, even if the server is in a building with a backup power source. The server battery will help ensure that you do not lose server option/configuration/setting information due to a power outage.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Battery for Your Server

Obviously the first thing you will want to look at which brands the battery is designed for. Knowing this will help you to find the right one for your brand, whether it is Apple, Dell or another brand. You will also want to look at the quality of the battery. Find a high end model that will give you a longer lifespan and better performance to ensure that there are no issues with the server when you power source is down.

We strive to offer the best batteries for all your needs. The batteries we sell must meet the strictest of quality qualifications.
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3WARE Server Battery
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Adaptec Server Battery
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Apple Server Battery
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Dell Server Battery
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Mylex Server Battery

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