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Panasonic 3807 KX-A36A KX-T3610 KX-T3620 KX-T3640 KX-T3705 K Battery
Panasonic 3807 KX-A36A KX-T3610 KX-T3620 KX-T3640 KX-T3705 K Batteries

Replacement Compatible with

Panasonic 3807 KX-A36A KX-T3610 KX-T3620 KX-T3640 KX-T3705 K Battery

Part Number:CS-CPB8013
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  • This is a replacement compatible with a Panasonic Cordless Phone Battery
  • Capacity: 600mAh (0.6Ah)
  • Volts: 3.6V (3.6 Volt)
  • Type: Ni-MH
  • 3807 KX-A36A KX-T3610 KX-T3620 KX-T3640 KX-T3705 KX-T3710 KX-T3712 KX-T3720 KX-T3725 KX-T3730 KX-T3800 KX-T3805 KX-T3807 KX-T3822 KX-T3824 KX-T3842 KX-T3848 KX-T3850 KX-T3855 KX-T3860 KX-T3870 KX-T3875 KX-T3880 KX-T3908 KX-T3910 KX-T3920 KX-T3925 KX-T3930 KX-T3932 KX-T3935 KX-T3940 KX-T3945 KX-T3950 KX-T3960 KX-T3962 KX-T3965 KX-T3967 KX-T3980 KX-T4168 KX-T4200 KX-T4200R KX-T4300 KX-T4310 KX-T4330 KX-T4340 KX-T4342 KX-T4350 KX-T4360 KX-T4365 KX-T4370 KX-T4400 KX-T4500 KX-T4550 KX-T4600 KX-T37101 KX-T37201 KX-T37301 KX-T39101 KX-T39102 KX-TC100 KX-TC150 KX-TC155 KX-TC160 KX-TC165 KX-TC170 KX-TC180 KX-TC185 KX-TC187 KX-TC197 KX-TC280 KX-TC282 KX-TC424 KX-TCC106 KX-TCC116 KX-TCC425 KX-TCM410 KX-TCM415 KX-TCM417 KX-TCM418 KX-TCM424 KX-TCM440 KX-TCM914Uniden CT301 DX1665 DX355 DX419 DX434 DX634 DX719 DX734 DX834 DX1665 DX3555 DX3565 DX4519 DX4534 DX8200 DXA6505 DXAI685 DXI860 EX254 EX1100 EX1500 EX2000 EX2101 EX2600 EX2700 EX3000 EX3201 EX3300 EX3500 EX3600 EX3610 QV4544 XC1660 XC265 XC302 XC305 XC310 XC310G XC312 XC314 XC315 XC320 XC330 XC340 XC345 XC365 XC600 XC610 XC615 XC645 XC700 XC714 XC716 XC717 XC718 XC815 XC1660 XC3510 XC3514 XC3515 XC3530 XC3545 XC4510 XC4515 XC4519 XC4534 XCA555 XCA650 XCA2500 XCA2510 XCA2515 XCA4500 XCA4510 XCA4515 XCAI680 XCI607 XCI665 XCI667Toshiba TRB6500 FT1000 FT1500 FT6002 FT6003 FT6004 FT6014 FT6202 FT6203 FT6302 FT6305 FT6503 FT6505 FT6515Sony SPP55 PP57 SPP58 SPP65 SPP71 SPP72 SPP73 SPP205 SPP250 SPPA20 SPPA40 SPPA60 SPPA110 SPPA250 SPPA400 SPPA450 SPPA700 SPPAQ25 SPPAQ120 SPPAQ150 SPPID300 SPPID400 SPPM502 SPPAQ500 SPPAQ600 SPPQ110 SPPQ120 SPPQ150 SPPQA500 ST250 SPP-D15 SPP-A20 SPP-A40 SPP-75GE 29519A 29630A 52189A 52310 52311 53304Philips EVALIA 5500 Xalio 6200 Xalio 6400 Xalio 6800 Aloris Sanyo CLT-4ER CLT-5ER CLT-6ER replacement batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # P-P301 HHR-P301 KX-A36 KX-A36A TYPE 2 BT185 AM468V TRB-6500 BP-T16
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 0.3lbs

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