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Part Number DF-APV140MC
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  • JVC Camera and Video Battery Chargers
  • Output Voltage and Current: 11.0V-2.0A
  • Pin Size: 83.7 x 58.5 x 30.4
  • Watts: 22.0W
  • JVC GR-AX890US, GR-D720US, GR-MC100US, GZMG21US, GZ-MG21US, GR-AXM17U, GR-D725, GR-MC200US, GZ-MG230, GR-AXM17US, GR-D725US, GR-SX26, GZ-MG24, GR-AXM18U, GR-D726, GR-SXM161US, GZ-MG24U, GR-AXM18US, GR-D726US, GR-SXM168, GZMG24US, GZ-MG24US, GR-D168, GR-D728, GR-SXM168U, GZ-MG255, GR-D168U, GR-D728US, GR-SXM260, GZ-MG255US, GR-D168US, GR-D72U, GR-SXM260U, GZ-MG27, GR-D23, GR-D72US, GR-SXM260US, GZ-MG275, GR-D230, GR-D73, GR-SXM265, GZ-MG275US, GR-D230U, GR-D73U,GZ-MG27U, GR-D230US, GR-D73US, GZ-MG27US, GR-D23E, GR-D74, GR-SXM30, GZ-MG30,GR-D24, GR-D740, GR-SXM37, GZ-MG30U, GR-D240, GR-D740US, GR-SXM37U, GZ-MG30US, GR-D240US, GR-D745, GZ-MG31U, GR-SXM37US, GZ-MG31US, GR-D244, GR-D745US, GZ-MG330, GR-SXM38, GZ-MG330A,GR-D244U, GR-D746, GRS-XM38U, GR-SXM38U, GZ-MG330AUS, GR-D244US, GR-D746US,GR-SXM38US, GZ-MG330H, GR-D246, GR-D74U, GZ-MG330HUS, GR-SXM50, GR-D246US, GR-D74US, GZ-MG330R, GR-X5, GZ-MG330RUS, GR-D247, GR-D750, GZ-MG330U, GR-D750U, GR-X5U, GZ-MG330US, GR-D247US, GZ-MG335, GR-D750US, GR-X5US, GR-D250, GZ-MG335H, GR-D760, GZ-HD10, GZ-MG335HUS, GR-D250U, GZ-MG335U,GR-D250US, GR-D760US, GZ-HD10EK, GZ-MG335US, GR-D770, GZ-MG335WUS, GR-D270, GR-D770U, GZ-HD10EX, GZ-MG340, GZ-MG340BUS, GR-D270U, GR-D770US, GZ-HD10US, GZ-MG340U, GZ-MG340US, GR-D270US, GR-D771, GZ-HD3, GR-D771U, GZ-MG35, GR-D271, GZ-HD30, GR-D771US, GZ-HD300, GZ-MG35U,GR-D271U, GZ-HD300AUS, GR-D775, GZ-HD300BUS, GZ-MG35US, GR-D271US, GR-D775U, GZ-HD300RUS, GZ-MG36, GR-D275, GR-D775US, GZ-HD30EK, GZ-MG360, GR-D275U, GR-D790, GZ-HD30EX, GZ-MG360B, GR-D790U, GZ-MG360BUS, GR-D275US, GZ-HD30US, GZ-MG360U, GR-D790US, GZ-HD320, GZ-MG360US, GR-D290, GZ-HD320BUS, GZ-MG365, GR-D796, GR-D290U, GR-D796U, GZ-HD3EK, GZ-MG365B, GZ-MG365BUS,GR-D290US, GR-D796US, GZ-HD3EX, GZ-MG365U, GZ-MG365US, GR-D295, GR-D850, GZ-HD3US,GR-D850U, GZ-MG36U, GR-D295US, GZ-HD40, GR-D850US, GZ-MG36US, GR-D32, GR-D870, GZ-HD40EK,GR-D870U, GZ-MG37, GR-D32U, GR-D870US, GZ-HD40EX, GR-D875, GZ-MG37U, GR-D32US, GR-D875U, GZ-HD40US, GR-D875US, GZ-MG37US, GR-D33, GZ-HD5, GR-D93, GZ-MG39, GR-D33ER, GZ-HD5EK, GR-D93U, GZ-MG39U,GR-D33U, GZ-HD5EX, GR-D93US, GZ-HD5U, GZ-MG39US, GR-D33US, GR-D94, GZ-HD5US, GZ-MG40, GR-D340U, GR-D347, GR-D94U, GZ-HD6, GZ-MG40U, GR-D347U, GR-D94US, GZ-HD6EK, GZ-MG40US, GR-D347US, GZ-MG430, GR-DA30US, GZ-HD6EX, GZ-MG430HUS, GR-D350, GZ-HD6U, GZ-MG430U, GR-DF430, GZ-MG430US, GR-D350U, GZ-HD6US, GZ-MG435, GR-DF430U, GZ-MG435HUS, GR-D350US, GZ-HD7, GZ-MG435U,GR-D370, GR-DF430US, GZ-MG435US, GZ-HD7EK, GZ-MG465, GR-D370U, GR-DF450, GZ-MG465BUS, GZ-HD7EX, GZ-MG465U, GR-D370US, GR-DF450U, GZ-MG465US, GZ-HD7US, GR-D371, GR-DF450US, GZ-HM200, GZ-MG50, GZ-HM200AUS, GZ-MG505, GR-D371U, GR-DF470, GZ-HM200BUS, GZ-MG505U, GZ-HM200RUS, GZ-MG505US, GR-D371US, GR-DF470U, GZ-HM400US, GZMG50U, GR-D372, GZ-MG50U, GR-D372U, GR-DF470US, GZ-MC500, GR-D372US, GZ-MG50US, GR-DF550, GZ-MC500U, GR-D375, GZ-MG555US, GR-DF550U, GZ-MC500US, GZ-MG57, GR-D375U, GR-DF550US, GZ-MG130, GZ-MG575US, GR-D375US, GR-DX107, GZ-MG130U , GZ-MG57U, GR-DX107E, GZ-MG57US, GR-D390, GR-DX107EK, GZ-MG130US, GZ-MG630, GR-DX27, GZ-MG630AUS, GR-D390U, GZ-MG131, GZ-MG630RUS, GR-DX27E, GZ-MG630S, GR-D390US, GR-DX27EK, GZ-MG131US, GR-DX28, GZ-MG630SUS, GR-D395, GR-DX28E, GZ-MG132, GZ-MG645BUS, GR-DX28EK, GZ-MG650BUS, GR-D395U, GZ-MG132US, GR-DX307, GZ-MG67, GR-D395US, GZ-MG133, GZ-MG670, GR-DX307U, GZ-MG670BUS, GR-D396, GR-DX307US, GZ-MG133US, GR-DX317, GZ-MG67U, GR-D396U, GR-DX317E, GZ-MG134, GR-DX317EK, GZ-MG67US, GR-D396US, GR-DX37, GZ-MG134US, GZ-MG68, GR-DX37E, GZ-MG680BUS, GR-D43, GR-DX37EK, GZ-MG135, GR-DX48, GZ-MG70, GR-D43U, GR-DX48E, GZ-MG135US, GR-DX48EK, GZ-MG70U, GR-D43US, GR-DX57, GZ-MG148, GR-DX57E, GZ-MG70US, GR-D53, GR-DX57EK, GZ-MG148US, GZ-MG730, GR-DX67, GZ-MG730BUS, GR-D53AG, GR-DX67E, GZ-MG150, GZ-MG730U, GR-DX67EK,GR-D53U, GZ-MG150US, GZ-MG730US, GR-DX77, GR-D53US, GZ-MG155, GZ-MG77, GR-D550US, GR-DX77U, GZ-MG155US, GZ-MG77U, GR-D650, GR-DX77US, GR-D650U, GZ-MG175, GZ-MG77US, GR-D650US, GR-DX97, GZ-MS100, GR-DX97E, GZ-MG175US, GZ-MS100U, GR-D71, GR-DX97EK, GZ-MS100US, GZ-MG177, GZ-MS120AUS, GR-D71U, GR-DX97U, GZ-MS120BUS, GZ-MG177US, GZ-MS120RUS, GR-D71US, GR-DX97US, GZ-MS130AUS, GZ-MG20, GZ-MS130BUS, GR-D72, GR-DZ7US, GZ-MS90US, GZ-MG20U, GZ-X900US, GR-D720, GR-FX16, GH-HM100, GZ-MG20US, GR-FXM40, GZ-MG21, GR-FXM404 charger.
  • Mfgr Part # AP-V14, AP-V14U, AP-V14A, AP-V14E, AP-V15E, AP-V15U, AP-16U, AP-V18, AP-V18U, AP-V14KR,APV14, APV14U, APV14A, APV14E, APV15E, APV15U, APV16U, APV18, APV18U, APV14KR, AP-V20U, AP-V20, APV20U, AP-V21U, AP-V21, APV21U, APV21, AP-V21M, AP-V18E, AP-V19E, LY21104-012A, LY21153-003A, LY21103-001A, LY21103-001B, LY21103-001C, LY21103-001D, LY21103-002A, LY21103-002B, LY21103-002C, LY21103-003A, LY21103-003B, LY21103-003C, LY21103-004A, LY21103-004C, LY21103-007A, LY21103-009A, LY21103-009C, LY21103-010B, LY21103-011A, LY21103-011B, LY21103-012B, QAL1151-001, LY45837-001B, LY21104-012A, LY21153-003A, LY21154-003A
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 1lbs
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