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Apple iBook 12.1" Screen Dual USB iBook 14" Dual USB Opaque W Chargers
Apple iBook 12.1" Screen Dual USB iBook 14" Dual USB Opaque W Chargers

Replacement Compatible with

Apple iBook 12.1" Screen Dual USB iBook 14" Dual USB Opaque W Chargers

Part Number:DF-AM8482MT
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  • This is a replacement compatible with a Apple Laptop Battery Charger
  • iBook 12.1" Screen Dual USB iBook 14" Dual USB Opaque White iBook 14.1" LCD 16 VRAM iBook 14.1" LCD 32 VRAM iBook 14.1" LCD iBook 32 VRAM iBook A1007 PowerBook G4 15" A1001 PowerBook G4 15" A1095 iBook Late 2001 Model iBook Opaque White 16 VRAM iBook Crystal White iBook Snow White PowerBook G4 12" Screen PowerBook G4 12.1" TFT Wide Screen PowerBook G4 15" Aluminum PowerBook G4 15" Titanium PowerBook G4 15.2" TFT Screen PowerBook G4 17" Screen PowerBook G4 Aluminum PowerBook G4 DVI PowerBook G4 Gigabit Ethernet PowerBook G4 Titanium iBook Late 2001 Model iBook G4 14.1-inch M9165B/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9165CH/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9165J/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9165X/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9165*/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9388B/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9388CH/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9388J/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9388LL/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9388X/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9418LL/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9418ZH/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9419LL/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9419ZH/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9627CH/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9627F/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9627J/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9627LL/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9627X/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9627ZH/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9627*/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9628CH/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9628F/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9628J/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9628LL/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9628X/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9628ZH/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9628*/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9848CH/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9848LL/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9848X/A iBook G4 14.1-inch M9848*/A iBook 32 VRAM iBook G4 Early 2004 PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M8760B/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M8760LL/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M8760S/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M8760T/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M8760Y/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M8760*/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9007B/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9007CH/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9007J/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9007KH/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9007SA/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9007ZH/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9008B/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9008CH/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9008J/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9008KH/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9008SA/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9008ZH/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9183J/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9183X/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9184J/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9184X/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9690CH/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9690X/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9690*/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9691CH/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9691X/A PowerBook G4 12.1-inch M9691*/A PowerBook G4 1.33GHz 12.1-inch DVI FW800 M9183LL/A PowerBook G4 1.33GHz 12.1-inch DVI FW800 M9184LL/A replacement chargers.
  • For use with these models: M8482 M8576 M8576LL/A M8943LL/A A1036 M8483 A1021 ACG4 M7332 PBG4/Ibook 2usb M8243 A/Z M84457LL/A M8457LL/A M8457Z/A M8942LL/A M7332
  • Pin: 7.70 x 2.50, Input: AC100 - 240V, Output: 24V-1.875A
  • Frequency: 50 - 60Hz, Power: 45W
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 1lbs

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