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Fujitsu FMV-665MC9W FMV-BIBLO LOOX T70M FMV-LifeBook B8240 FM Chargers
Fujitsu FMV-665MC9W FMV-BIBLO LOOX T70M FMV-LifeBook B8240 FM Chargers

Replacement Compatible with

Fujitsu FMV-665MC9W FMV-BIBLO LOOX T70M FMV-LifeBook B8240 FM Chargers

Part Number:DF-FAC317MT
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  • This is a replacement compatible with a Fujitsu Laptop Battery Charger
  • FMV-665MC9W FMV-BIBLO LOOX T70M FMV-LifeBook B8240 FMV-LifeBook U8240 FPCM40951 FPCM40952 FPCM40953 LifeBook A4170 LifeBook P8010 LifeBook Q2010 LifeBook U1010 LifeBook U810 LifeBook U2010 FMV-BIBLO P/B70N FMV-BIBLO U/B50 PenCentra 130 PenCentra 200 Point 1600 Point 510 Lifebook S6130 FMV-BIBLO MG50K FMV-BIBLO MG50K/T FMV-BIBLO MG50R FMV-BIBLO MG55R/T LifeBook 270 LifeBook 280 LifeBook 400 LifeBook 420 LifeBook 435 LifeBook 470 LifeBook 520 LifeBook 530 LifeBook 531 LifeBook 535 LifeBook 555 LifeBook 565 LifeBook 585 LifeBook 635 LifeBook 655 LifeBook 656 LifeBook 665 LifeBook 675 LifeBook 690 LifeBook 735 LifeBook 755 LifeBook 756 LifeBook 765 LifeBook 770 LifeBook 785 LifeBook 790 LifeBook 990 LifeBook B2130 LifeBook B2131 LifeBook B2175 LifeBook B2175A LifeBook B2175B LifeBook B2545 LifeBook B2562 LifeBook B2566 LifeBook B-2610 LifeBook B-2620 LifeBook B-2630 LifeBook B3000 LifeBook B3000D LifeBook B3010D LifeBook B3020 LifeBook B3020D Lifebook B5010 LifeBook B6000D Lifebook B6110D LifeBook B6210 LifeBook B6220 LifeBook C325 LifeBook C340 LifeBook C350 LifeBook C352 LifeBook C353 LifeBook C360 LifeBook C4120 LifeBook C4155 LifeBook C4157 LifeBook C4235 LifeBook C425 LifeBook C5130 LifeBook C5235 LifeBook C6175 LifeBook C6177 LifeBook C6185C LifeBook C6320 LifeBook C6330 LifeBook C6525 LifeBook C6535 LifeBook C6537 LifeBook C6545 LifeBook C6547 LifeBook C6556 LifeBook C6557 LifeBook C6577 LifeBook C6581 LifeBook C6591 LifeBook C6611 LifeBook C6631 LifeBook C6651 LifeBook C6731 LifeBook C7651 LifeBook C7661 LifeBook E330 LifeBook E335 LifeBook E340 LifeBook E342 LifeBook E350 LifeBook E351 LifeBook E360 LifeBook E362 LifeBook E370 LifeBook E380 LifeBook E390 LifeBook E5140 LifeBook E5320 LifeBook E5520 LifeBook E6520 LifeBook E6530 LifeBook E6540 LifeBook E6541 LifeBook E6550 LifeBook E6555 LifeBook E6556 LifeBook E6557 LifeBook E6570 LifeBook E6571 LifeBook E6575 LifeBook E6595 LifeBook I4187 LifeBook I4190 LifeBook P1000 LifeBook P1000 AGC LifeBook P1000 AGD LifeBook P1000 AGE LifeBook P1000 AGF LifeBook P1032 LifeBook P1035 LifeBook P1110 LifeBook P1120 Lifebook P1500 Lifebook P1510 LifeBook P1510D LifeBook P1610 LifeBook P1620 LifeBook P2000 LifeBook P2040 LifeBook P2046 LifeBook P2110 LifeBook P2120 LifeBook P5000 LifeBook P5010 LifeBook P5010D LifeBook P5020 LifeBook P5020D LifeBook P7000 LifeBook P7000D LifeBook P7010 LifeBook P7010D Lifebook P7120 LifeBook P7120D LifeBook P7230 LifeBook S2010 LifeBook S2020 LifeBook S2110 LifeBook S4510 LifeBook S4542 LifeBook S-4546 LifeBook S-4572 LifeBook S5582 LifeBook S6000 LifeBook S6010 LifeBook S6110 LifeBook S6120 LifeBook S6120D LifeBook S6210 LifeBook S6220 LifeBook S6230 LifeBook S6231 LifeBook S6240 LifeBook T2010 Tablet PC LifeBook T3010 LifeBook T3010D LifeBook T4010 Stylistic 1000 Stylistic 1200 Stylistic 2300 Stylistic 3400 Stylistic 3500 Stylistic 500 Stylistic LT Stylistic LT C-500 Stylistic LT P-600 Stylistic LT P-600F Stylistic LT P-600T Stylistic ST4000P Stylistic ST4110 Stylistic ST4110P Stylistic ST4120 Stylistic ST4120P Stylistic ST4121 Stylistic ST4121P Stylistic ST5000 Stylistic ST5000D Stylistic ST5010 Stylistic ST5010D Stylistic ST5011 Stylistic ST5011D Stylistic ST5020 Stylistic ST5020D Stylistic ST5021 Stylistic ST5021D Stylistic ST5022 Stylistic ST5022D Stylistic ST5030 Stylistic ST5030D Stylistic ST5031 Stylistic ST5031D Stylistic ST5032 Stylistic ST5032D Stylistic ST5111 Stylistic ST5112 replacement chargers.
  • For use with these models: CA01007-0730 CA01007-0750 CA01007-0870 CA01007-0910 CA235918-01 CP103151-01 CP171180-01 CP235918-01 CP235934-01 FMV-AC304 FMV-AC313B FMV-AC313S FMV-AC317 FMV-AC317D FPCAC14 FPCAC23 FPCAC23W FPCAC23Z FPCAC28 FPCAC28AP FPCAC37 FPCAC37AP FPCAC43 FPCAC45 FPCAC45AP FPCAC45W FPCAC58 FPCAC58AP FPCAC59 FPCAC60 S26391-F5049-L500 SEC80N2-16.0 FMV-AC311S FMV-AC311
  • Pin: 6.50 x 4.40, Input: AC100 - 240V, Output: 16V-3.75A
  • Frequency: 50 - 60Hz, Power: 60W
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 1lbs

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