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HP 230W Docking Station 500 540 620 625 630 635 8510w Mobil Charger
HP 230W Docking Station 500 540 620 625 630 635 8510w Mobil Charger
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HP 230W Docking Station 500 540 620 625 630 635 8510w Mobil Charger

Part Number DF-HCQ60MT
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  • HP Laptop Battery Chargers
  • Output Voltage and Current: 19.0V-4.74A
  • Pin Size: 7.40 x 5.00
  • Watts: 90W
  • HP 230W Docking Station, 500, 540, 620, 625, 630, 635, 8510w Mobile Workstation, 8710w Mobile Workstation, 90W Docking Station, Folio 13-1000, Mobile 2533t, Pavilion G3200 Desktop, Pavilion G4-1300, Pavilion G6-1300, EliteBook 2540p, EliteBook 2560p, EliteBook 2730p, EliteBook 2740p, EliteBook 2740p Tablet PC, EliteBook 2760p, EliteBook 6930p, EliteBook 8440p, EliteBook 8440w Mobile Workstation, EliteBook 8460p, EliteBook 8460w, EliteBook 8530p,EliteBook 8530w, EliteBook 8530w Mobile Workstation, EliteBook 8540p, EliteBook 8540w Mobile Workstation, EliteBook 8560p, EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation, EliteBook 8730w, EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstation, EliteBook 8740w Mobile Workstation, EliteBook 8760w Mobile Workstation, EliteBook EliteBook 2530p, ENVY 14-2000, ENVY 15-3000, ENVY 17-2000, Envy 14-1100, Envy 14-1100 Beats Edition, Envy 14-1108TX, Envy 17-1000, Envy 17-1100, G32, G42, G56-100, G6000, G60-100, G60-120US, G60-400, G60-500, G61-300, G61-400, G62-100, G62-200, G62-a00, G62-b00, G7000, G70-100, G70-200, G70-400, G71-300, G72-100, G72-200, G72-a00, G72-b00, HDX X16-1000, HDX X16-1100, HDX X16-1200, HDX X16-1300, HDX X18-1000, HDX X18-1100, HDX X18-1200, HDX X18-1300, Mini 311-1000, Mini 311c-1000, Mini 5102, Mini 5103, Pavilion DM1-1000, Pavilion DM1-1100, Pavilion dm1-2000, Pavilion dm1-2100, Pavilion dm1-3000AU, Pavilion dm1-3100, Pavilion dm1-3200, Pavilion dm1-4100, Pavilion DM1-4100AU, Pavilion DM3, Pavilion DM3-1000, Pavilion DM3-1100, Pavilion DM3-2100, Pavilion DM3-3010us, Pavilion DM4-1000, Pavilion DM4-1100, Pavilion DM4-1300, Pavilion DM4-3000, Pavilion DV2-1000, Pavilion DV2-1100, Pavilion DV2600, Pavilion DV2700, Pavilion DV2800, Pavilion DV2800 Artist, Pavilion DV2800 Verve, Pavilion dv2900, Pavilion dv3-1000, Pavilion dv3-1100, Pavilion dv3-2000, Pavilion dv3-2100, Pavilion dv3-2200, Pavilion DV3-2300, Pavilion DV3-4000, Pavilion DV3-4100, Pavilion DV3-4200, Pavilion DV3-4300, Pavilion DV3100, Pavilion DV3500, Pavilion DV3600, Pavilion DV3700, Pavilion DV4, Pavilion DV4-1000, Pavilion DV4-1100, Pavilion DV4-1200, Pavilion DV4-1300, Pavilion DV4-1400, Pavilion DV4-1500, Pavilion DV4-2000, Pavilion DV4-2100, Pavilion DV5, Pavilion DV5-1000, Pavilion DV5-1019tx, Pavilion DV5-1100, Pavilion DV5-1200, Pavilion DV5-1300, Pavilion DV5-2000, Pavilion DV6-1000, Pavilion DV6-1100, Pavilion DV6-1200, Pavilion DV6-1300, Pavilion DV6-1400, Pavilion DV6-2000, Pavilion DV6-2100, Pavilion DV6-3000, Pavilion DV6-3200, Pavilion DV6-3300, Pavilion DV6-4000, Pavilion DV6-6c00, Pavilion DV6400, Pavilion DV6600, Pavilion DV6800, Pavilion DV6900, Pavilion DV7, Pavilion DV7-1000, Pavilion DV7-1014tx, Pavilion DV7-1100, Pavilion DV7-1200, Pavilion DV7-1400, Pavilion DV7-2000, Pavilion DV7-2100, Pavilion DV7-2200, Pavilion DV7-3000, Pavilion DV7-3100, Pavilion DV7-4000, Pavilion DV7-4100, Pavilion DV7-4300, Pavilion DV7-5000, Pavilion DV7-6c00, Pavilion DV8-1000, Pavilion DV8-1200, Pavilion DV9600, Pavilion DV9800, Pavilion DV9900, Pavilion TX1100, PavilionTX1300, Pavilion TX1400, Pavilion TX2100, Pavilion TX2500, Pavilion TX2600, ProBook 4230s, ProBook 4320s, ProBook 4321S, ProBook 4330s, ProBook 4420s, ProBook 4425s, ProBook 4430s, ProBook 4520s, ProBook 4525s, ProBook 4530s, ProBook 4535s, ProBook 4720s, ProBook 4730s, ProBook 5310m, ProBook 5320m, ProBook 5330m, ProBook 6360b, ProBook 6440b, ProBook 6450b, ProBook 6455b, ProBook 6460b, ProBook 6465b, ProBook 6540b, ProBook 6545b, ProBook 6550b, ProBook 6555b, ProBook 6560b, TouchSmart TM2-1000, TouchSmart TM2-1001TX, TouchSmart TM2-2000, TouchSmart TM2-2100, TouchSmart TX2-1000, TouchSmart TX2-1100, TouchSmart TX2-1200, TouchSmart TX2-1300, Compaq 4320t Mobile Thin Client, 6535s, 6720t Mobile Thin Client, Business Notebook TC4400, Mini-Note 2133, TC4200 Tablet PC, TC4400 Tablet PC, Presario B1210, Business Notebook 2210b, Business Notebook 2510p, Business Notebook 2710p, Business Notebook 8510p, Business Notebook 8710p, Business Notebook 6510b, Business Notebook 6515b, Business Notebook 6520s, Business Notebook 6531s, Business Notebook 6710b, Business Notebook 6710s, Business Notebook 6715b, Business Notebook 6715s, Business Notebook 6720S, Business Notebook 6730s, Business Notebook 6820S, Business Notebook 6910p, Business NoteBook NC2400, Business Notebook nc2410, Business Notebook NC4200, Business Notebook NC4400, Business Notebook NC6140, Business Notebook NC6220, Business Notebook NC6230, Business Notebook NC6320, Business Notebook NC6400, Business Notebook NC8430, Business Notebook NX6115, Business Notebook NX6125, Business Notebook NX6130, Business Notebook NX6310, Business Notebook NX6315, Business Notebook NX6320, Business Notebook NX6325, Business Notebook NX6330, Business Notebook NX7300, Business Notebook NX7400, Business Notebook NX8410, Business Notebook NX9420, Business Notebook NX9600, Pavilion dv3022TX, Mobile Workstation NW8240, Mobile Workstation 8510w, Mobile Workstation NW8440, Mobile Workstation 8710w, Mobile Workstation NW9440, Mobile Workstation NX8420, 320, 321, 420, 421, 430, 435, 511, Mini 311c-1100, Presario C700, Presario CQ57-200, Presario CQ72, Presario F700, Presario V3700, Presario V3800, Presario V3900, Presario V6600, Presario CQ20, Presario CQ20-100, Presario CQ20-200, Presario CQ20-300, Presario CQ30, Presario CQ32, Presario CQ35-100, Presario CQ35-200, Presario CQ35-300, Presario CQ36-100, Presario CQ40, Presario CQ40-100, Presario CQ40-300, Presario CQ40-400, Presario CQ40-418AX, Presario CQ40-500, Presario CQ40-600, Presario CQ40-700, Presario CQ41-100, Presario CQ41-200, Presario CQ42, Presario CQ42-100, Presario CQ42-200, Presario CQ42-300, Presario CQ43-100, Presario CQ43-300, Presario CQ43-400, Presario CQ45, Presario CQ45-100, Presario CQ45-300, Presario CQ50, Presario CQ50-100, Presario CQ50-200, Presario CQ56, Presario CQ56-100, Presario CQ56-200, Presario CQ60, Presario CQ60-100, Presario CQ60-200, Presario CQ60-300, Presario CQ60-400, Presario CQ61-100, Presario CQ61-200, Presario CQ61-300, Presario CQ61-400, Presario CQ62-108TX, Presario CQ62-200, Presario CQ62-300, Presario CQ62-400, Presario CQ62-a00, Presario CQ70, Presario CQ70-100, Presario CQ70-200, Presario CQ71, Presario CQ71-100, Presario CQ71-200, Presario CQ71-300, Presario CQ71-400 charger.
  • Mfgr Part # 374473-001, 384019-001, 384019-002, 384020-002, 384021-001, 391172-001, 391173-001, 409992-001, 416421-021, 463552-003, 463955-001, 463958-001, ED495AA, PA-1650-02HC, PA-1900-08H1, PA-1900-18H2
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 1lbs
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