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HP Pavilion ZV6000 Pavilion ZV6000 Pavilion ZV6000 CTO Pavilio Charger
HP Pavilion ZV6000 Pavilion ZV6000 Pavilion ZV6000 CTO Pavilio Charger

Replacement Compatible with

HP Pavilion ZV6000 Pavilion ZV6000 Pavilion ZV6000 CTO Pavilio Charger

Part Number DF-HPP014MT
Retail Price: $47.50
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  • HP Laptop Battery Chargers
  • Output Voltage and Current: 18.5V-4.9A
  • Pin Size: Oval Tip
  • Watts: 90W
  • Pavilion ZV6000, Pavilion ZV6000, Pavilion ZV6000 CTO, Pavilion ZV6001xx, Pavilion ZV6002xx, Pavilion ZV6003xx, Pavilion ZV6004EA, Pavilion ZV6004xx, Pavilion ZV6005US, Pavilion ZV6006EA, Pavilion ZV6007US, Pavilion ZV6008cl, Pavilion ZV6009EA, Pavilion ZV6009us, Pavilion ZV6010ea, Pavilion ZV6010us, Pavilion ZV6011EA, Pavilion ZV6013ea, Pavilion ZV6015US, Pavilion ZV6017EA, Pavilion ZV6020ea, Pavilion ZV6024EA, Pavilion ZV6025EA, Pavilion ZV6026EA, Pavilion ZV6027EA, Pavilion ZV6028ea, Pavilion ZV6029ea, Pavilion ZV6061ea, Pavilion ZV6062ea, Pavilion ZV6064ea, Pavilion ZV6065EA, Pavilion ZV6066ea, Pavilion ZV6067EA, Pavilion ZV6068ea, Pavilion ZV6069ea, Pavilion ZV6090EA, Pavilion ZV6100, Pavilion ZV6107wm, Pavilion ZV6114ea, Pavilion ZV6115ea, Pavilion ZV6123cl, Pavilion ZV6126ea, Pavilion ZV6129ea, Pavilion ZV6130ea, Pavilion ZV6130US, Pavilion ZV6131ea, Pavilion ZV6131US, Pavilion ZV6147ea, Pavilion ZV6148ea, Pavilion ZV6149ea, Pavilion ZV6150ea, Pavilion ZV6151ea, Pavilion ZV6152ea, Pavilion ZV6153ea, Pavilion ZV6156ea, Pavilion ZV6158ea, Pavilion ZV6170ca, Pavilion ZV6170us, Pavilion ZV6174ea, Pavilion ZV6179ea, Pavilion ZV6180ea, Pavilion ZV6181ea, Pavilion ZV6195ea, Pavilion ZV6196ea, Pavilion ZV6214ea, Pavilion ZV6200, Pavilion ZV6223cl, Pavilion ZV6230ca, Pavilion ZV6233nr, Pavilion ZV6245ea, Pavilion ZV6246ea, Pavilion ZV6252ea, Pavilion ZV6270us, Pavilion ZV6295ea, Pavilion ZV5200, Pavilion ZV5200ea, Pavilion ZV5201ea, Pavilion ZV5202ea, Pavilion ZV5202us, Pavilion ZV5203ea, Pavilion ZV5204ea, Pavilion ZV5205ap, Pavilion ZV5205ea, Pavilion ZV5206ap, Pavilion ZV5207ap, Pavilion ZV5207ea, Pavilion ZV5208ap, Pavilion ZV5208ea, Pavilion ZV5209ap, Pavilion ZV5209ea, Pavilion ZV5210ap, Pavilion ZV5210ca, Pavilion ZV5210ea, Pavilion ZV5210us, Pavilion ZV5211ap, Pavilion ZV5211ea, Pavilion ZV5212ap, Pavilion ZV5212EA, Pavilion ZV5213ap, Pavilion ZV5213ea, Pavilion ZV5214ap, Pavilion ZV5214ea, Pavilion ZV5215ap, Pavilion ZV5215ea, Pavilion ZV5216ap, Pavilion ZV5217ap, Pavilion ZV5217ea, Pavilion ZV5218ea, Pavilion ZV5219ea, Pavilion ZV5220ca, Pavilion ZV5220us, Pavilion ZV5222EA, Pavilion ZV5223EA, Pavilion ZV5225ea, Pavilion ZV5226ea, Pavilion ZV5227ea, Pavilion ZV5227wm, Pavilion ZV5228ea, Pavilion ZV5229ea, Pavilion ZV5230ea, Pavilion ZV5230us, Pavilion ZV5231ea, Pavilion ZV5232ea, Pavilion ZV5233ea, Pavilion ZV5234ea, Pavilion ZV5235ca, Pavilion ZV5235ea, Pavilion ZV5235us, Pavilion ZV5236ea, Pavilion ZV5237ea, Pavilion ZV5238ea, Pavilion ZV5240ca, Pavilion ZV5240us, Pavilion ZV5240xx, Pavilion ZV5245ea, Pavilion ZV5246ea, Pavilion ZV5247la, Pavilion ZV5250ea, Pavilion ZV5255ea, Pavilion ZV5255us, Pavilion ZV5257la, Pavilion ZV5260us, Pavilion ZV5265ea, Pavilion ZV5267la, Pavilion ZV5268ea, Pavilion ZV5269ea, Pavilion ZV5270ea, Pavilion ZV5270us, Pavilion ZV5271ea, Pavilion ZV5272ea, Pavilion ZV5285ea, Pavilion ZV5287la, Pavilion ZV5290ea, Pavilion ZX5000, Pavilion ZX5000 (CTO), Pavilion ZX5001, Pavilion ZX5001us, Pavilion ZX5002, Pavilion ZX5002ea, Pavilion ZX5003ea, Pavilion ZX5005ea, Pavilion ZX5008ea, Pavilion ZX5010ea, Pavilion ZX5011ea, Pavilion ZX5012ea, Pavilion ZX5020ea, Pavilion ZX5022ea, Pavilion ZX5030ea, Pavilion ZX5035ea, Pavilion ZX5037ea, Pavilion ZX5038ea, Pavilion ZX5039ea, Pavilion ZX5040ca, Pavilion ZX5040ea, Pavilion ZX5040us, Pavilion ZX5041ea, Pavilion ZX5042ea, Pavilion ZX5043ea, Pavilion ZX5044ea, Pavilion ZX5045ea, Pavilion ZX5049ea, Pavilion ZX5050ea, Pavilion ZX5051ea, Pavilion ZX5052ea, Pavilion ZX5060us, Pavilion ZX5065us, Pavilion ZX5070us, Pavilion ZX5078cl, Pavilion ZX5100, Pavilion ZX5109ea, Pavilion ZX5113ea, Pavilion ZX5128ea, Pavilion ZX5129ea, Pavilion ZX5151ea, Pavilion ZX5159, Pavilion ZX5170ea, Pavilion ZX5180us, Pavilion ZX5190us, Compaq Presario R4000, Presario R4000 CTO, Presario R4000Z, Presario R4006EA, Presario R4009EA, Presario R4010CA, Presario R4010US, Presario R4012US, Presario R4015EA, Presario R4016EA, Presario R4017EA, Presario R4024EA, Presario R4025CA, Presario R4025EA, Presario R4025US, Presario R4026EA, Presario R4028EA, Presario R4030EA, Presario R4031EA, Presario R4035CA, Presario R4065EA,Presario R4100, Presario R4114EA, Presario R4115US, Presario R4125CA, Presario R4125EA, Presario R4125US, Presario R4145EA, Presario R4146EA, Presario R4155EA, Presario R4200, Presario R4218EA charger.
  • Mfgr Part # PPP014H, 374429-002, 375118-001, 519330-003, 608428-001, PPP014H-S, PPP014L-SA,
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 1lbs
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