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Samsung M50 SN6000 T10 V20 VM6000 WNBT21 GT7000 GT7700 GT8000 Charger
Samsung M50 SN6000 T10 V20 VM6000 WNBT21 GT7000 GT7700 GT8000 Charger

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Samsung M50 SN6000 T10 V20 VM6000 WNBT21 GT7000 GT7700 GT8000 Charger

Part Number DF-SMR710MT
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  • Samsung Laptop Battery Chargers
  • Output Voltage and Current: 19V-3.16A
  • Pin Size: 5.50 x 3.00
  • Watts: 60W
  • M50, SN6000, T10, V20, VM6000, WNBT21, GT7000, GT7700, GT8000, GT8100, 8000, A10, A10 DXT, A10 XTC, Aquila C, Aquila, GT6000, GT6330, GT6330XT, GT6360, GT6360XT, GT6400, GT6400XV, GT8600, GT8600XT, GT8650, GT8650XT, GT8700, GT8700XT, GT8750, GT8750XT, GT8750XV, GT8800, GT8800XT, GT8800XV, GT8850, GT8850XT, GT8850XTD, GT8900, GT8900DXV, GT8900XTR, GT8910, GT8910KXV, GT9000, GT9000 Pro, M40, M55, M55G000/SUK, M55-Pro T2500 Breetoo, M55-Pro T7200 Booker, M55T000, M55T000/SUK, M55T001, M40 plus, P28, P30, P35, P40, P50, P50-Pro T2400 Tytahn, P50-Pro T2600 Tygah, P50-Pro T5500 Tahlia, P50T001, P50T001/SUK, P50T002/SUK, P50TV02, P560 AA02, P560 AA03, P560 AA04, P560, P560-52P, P560-54G, P560-54P, P560-AA01NL, P560-AA02BE, P560-AA02NL, P560-AA03BE, P560-AA03NL, P560-AA04NL, P560-AA05BE, P560-HS01BE, Q210 , Q210-AS01, Q210-AS05, Q210-FS01, Q210-AS01BE, Q210-AS01NL, Q210-AS02BE, Q210-AS03BE, Q210-AS05NL, Q210-FA02BE, Q210-FS01NL, Q30 plus, Q30, Q310, Q310-AS03DE, Q310-AS03TR, R20, R20-Aura T2350 Declan, R20-Aura T7200 Deva, R610, R610-AS02, R610-AS03, R610-AS04, R610-AS05, R610-AS06, R610-AS07, R610-AS08, R610-FS02, R610-62G, R610-6G, R610-AS01BE, R610-AS01DE, R610-AS02BE, R610-AS02NL, R610-AS03BE, R610-AS03NL, R610-AS04NL, R610-AS05BE, R610-AS05NL, R610-AS06BE, R610-AS06NL, R610-AS07NL, R610-AS08NL, R610-FS01BE, R610-FS02NL, R50, R55, R45, R45/M00/SUK, R45/M01/SUK, R45K002/SUK, R45-Pro C1600 Buliena, R45R001, R45R001/SUK, R45R002, R505, R505-FS02, R505-FS03, R505-FS04, R505-FS01BE, R505-FS02NL, R505-FS03DE, R505-FS03NL, R505-FS04NL, R510, R510-AS01, R510-AS04, R510-AS05, R510-AS07, R510-AS08, R510-FA01, R510-FA02, R510-FA06, R510-FA07, R510-FA09, R510-FA0E, R510-FS01, R510-FS08, R510-FS09, R510-FS0A, R510-XS01, R510-AS01BE, R510-AS01NL, R510-AS02NL, R510-AS04BE, R510-AS04NL, R510-AS05BE, R510-AS05NL, R510-AS07NL, R510-AS08NL, R510-FA01BE, R510-FA01NL, R510-FA02BE, R510-FA02N, R510-FA03BE, R510-FA04BE, R510-FA06NL, R510-FA07NL, R510-FA09NL, R510-FA0ENL, R510-FS01BE, R510-FS01NL, R510-FS08NL, R510-FS09NL, R510-FS0ANL, R510-XS01NL, R65, R65, R65T000/SUK, R65T003/SUK, R65TV01/SUK, R710, R710-AS01, R710-AS02, R710-AS08, R710-AS0A, R710-AS0B, R710-AS0D, R710-FA01, R710-FS01, R710-AS01BE, R710-AS01NL, R710-AS02NL, R710-AS03BE, R710-AS05BE, R710-AS06BE, R710-AS08NL, R710-AS0ANL, R710-AS0BNL, R710-AS0DNL, R710-FA01NL, R710-FA02BE, R710-FS01BE, R710-FS01NL, RF510, RF510-S01, RF510-S02, Sens 690, Sens 820, Sens 830, Sens 900, Sens 950, Sens Pro 680, Sens Pro 850, Sens V10, VM6300, VM6300cT, VM7000, VM7550, VM7550cT, VM7600, VM7600cT, VM7650, VM7650cT, VM7650cXTD, VM7700, VM7700XTD, VM8000, VM8080cXT, VM8090cT, VM8090cXTD, VM8095cX, VM8100, VM8100cX, VM8100cXTD, VM8100XTD, VM8110cXTD, VM8110XTC, X05, X05 Plus, X1, X1, X10, X10, X10 plus, X1-1200 Bliss, X15, X15 plus, X20, X22, X30, X50, X50-WVM-2000, X11, X11c-T5600 Calest, X11c-T7200 Carlin, X11-Pro T2600 Baviall, X11-Pro T5500 Bugomi, X11-Pro T7400 Bennett, X11-T2300 Carl, X11-T2300 Culesa, X11-T5500 CeSeba, X120, X120-Aura SU7300 Akio, X120-Aura SU7300 Avion, X360, X360-AA02, X360-AA03, X360-AA02DE, X360-AA02NL, X360-AA03BE, X360-AA03NL, X360-AA07BE, X460-AS03NL, X420, X420-Aura SU2700 Aven, X420-Aura SU3500 Anno, X420-Aura SU4100 Kami, X420-Aura SU4100 Logan, X460, X460 AS03, X460 FA01, X460-41P, X460-41S, X460-42PW, X520, X520-Aura SU2700 Addi, X520-Aura SU3500 Alon, X520-Aura SU4100 Akiva, X60, X60-Pro T2600 Becudo, X60-Pro T7200 Benito, X60-Pro T7400 BoxxerX60TV03, X60TZ01/SUK, X60TZ02/SUK, X60TZ03X460-FA01NL charger.
  • Mfgr Part # AA-PA1N90W, AD-8019, AD-9019, AD-9019A, AD-9019E, AD-9019M, AD-9019N, AD-9019S, API3AD05, BA44-00147A, BA44-00215A, NBP001324-00, NBP001518-00, PA-1900-08S, SPA-V20, SPA-V20E/E, TAURUS2
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 1lbs
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